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2 more months ✌

Late night thinking.. shouldn’t be, but I am.

Musiq - Mary Go Round
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Musiq Soulchild - Mary Go Round

I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there.
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John Legend - Open Your Eyes

A dope cover of the Bobby Caldwell classic, off of his new album.

I loved her. Everything about her. I loved her carefree smile, her sarcastic comments, and her laugh. I loved the way the wind blew her messy dark hair when we’re at the park. I loved when she cried whenever we watched a movie. I loved her brown eyes, even when they were blazing and especially when they were warm. I loved when she looked so soft and vulnerable when I kissed her, her tough facade fading. I loved the feel it gave me whenever I hugged her. It was like she was born to fit in my arms.
Aaron Ford (A & D)
It’s complicated. I think when bad things happen—whether someone dies or people argue or split up—you get to a point where it’s just too hard to go back. There’s so much lost. So many versions of the truth. So many versions of how things might’ve turned out differently. We all long for what could have been. For some people, it’s just easier to move forward and try to forget.
Fixing Delilah (Sarah Ockler)
Because I’m wide awake and can’t sleep 😩😨💂

Because I’m wide awake and can’t sleep 😩😨💂

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Beautiful Creation - Young Dee.

Brings me back to those high school days. Good times.